‘Bubbles of champagne’ wedding

Working on our next wedding, which is just in few weeks away from now. Everything is almost ready, just few small DIY touches remain to complete the picture.
I am a strong believer that it’s small details, which create that special look, therefore we go a bit DIY this time. Luckily, our gorgeous bride Grace is being creative and welcoming to try different ideas.

Grace has got a great taste and clear vision of how things should look like. It’s always easy when bride certain about her wedding. Her main wish was to use white, gold and champagne colors. Undoubtedly, this combination is timeless and classy. For the blessing ceremony on the beach we are using white garden chairs, which will be decorated with white flowers and gold ribbons.

The arch still hasn’t been finalized as we chose two options, both are pretty, so we are left to decide on that very soon. There are also will be fans with the seating chart on one side and the program on the other for each guest. We are using special hashtag for the wedding, and to inform the guests about it was decided to create one not so traditional board. But we have to keep it in secret before the wedding day, so stay tuned J

Reception will be in the ballroom. Luckily the ballroom already has some gold finishing. For the tables we are going with tall centerpieces made of off-white and cream color blooms, loads of candles, gold candelabras, and blush overlays.

Here are some images that we are keeping on the mood board for this wedding.