Choosing the right venue for your wedding

Any wedding preparations start with the venue. Finding and contracting the right wedding venue for our clients is part of what we do, being a full serviced event company.

In average it takes between two weeks to one month to finalise the ideal location and when this is done, it comes with the sense of relief as one important task is down the list.

Sometimes brides approach us after they have sealed the deal. We are good with that, but if you ask, we prefer to take part and advise what is best when it comes to location. And here is why:

  • Wedding is a complex multifaceted project, where all elements should create one puzzle organically. First of all, the venue has to be suitable for your design concept, rather then contradicting it. Any space can be transformed, but it is all matter of the budget and scale of work. So if you want all white wedding and not planning to change the carpet in the ballroom to the new one, then look into these things.
  • Make sure that the venue offers a backup plan, especially if your wedding is around February – March, and again this backup plan needs to be aligned with the whole concept of the wedding.
  • The size of the space is important. If you are planning for a massive setup, 10x10m dance floor and/or extravagant kosha or anything like that, all this needs to be taken into consideration. What will generally be enough for a regular setup, might be too small for an extravagant layout
  • Don’t choose too big venue, if your wedding is small. Please, please, please!! That’s sometimes even more challenging than the previously described issue related to the limited space. Huge open space with few tables will look rather awkward and less cozy, unless your budget for décor is not an issue.
  • Book the venue in advance, to make sure it is available
  • Consider accessibility, valet parking services, logistics, especially if most of the guests are out-of-towners and you are not planning for arranging a pickup/drop off for them
  • Keep in mind that for most outdoor venues music restriction applies. It is not allowed to play loud music after 11 p.m.
  • And finally the permitted setup time, especially important if massive production and installation involved. In some cases setup might take 12-24 hours, be considerate about that.