Few ways to cut your wedding expenses

Considering that wedding being one the most expensive life events, often times couples want to save few bucks.

As a dedicated wedding planner we are always happy to help couples to plan their wedding in the best possible way. Regardless whether you based in UAE or coming from abroad, our advice would be as following.

It is better to avoid getting married during the summer month. The temperature in UAE between May to September reaches 50 degrees and make impossible an outdoor function.

However, if you don’t mind the heat and aiming to save some money, summer wedding could be an option. Check out indoor venues and make it happen.

Summer is off season time for UAE wedding industry. You can save up to 30% on the wedding, accommodation and flights.

When it comes to decor, flowers can be the second expensive item after the venue. There is always a room to cut costs, you just need to be a little bit selective when it comes to floral arrangements.

Pick on-season flowers. Work with big companies, they get a better deals being a wholesalers. Use your creativity, there are many ideas how to minimize the number of blooms and enhance the look of the venue with other details. Candles and DIY pieces are one of the options, you can’t go wrong with them.

Another advice on possible ways to cut costs would be as following:

Avoid getting married on Thursday and Friday. The venue fees are the highest during the weekend. Pick a day during the week. Majority of the hotels being more flexible with Saturdays too.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates. Why not consider other six?

Consider Abu Dhabi hotels for your wedding. Capital’s hotels offer better deals in most of the cases.

Be thoughtful about giveaways. You can make them yourself using little efforts and creativity.

Browse internet and use your DIY skills to prepare giveaways.

Cut down on entertainment.

Ask a friend to be your MC. Hire DJ instead of a band.

Enjoy planning and drop us an email if you need an advise weddings@savethedate.ae