Wedding Accommodation

Make the smart of choice of booking your accommodation with Save The Date, and give your wedding the romantic and luxurious theme it deserves.

Every couple looks forward to making their wedding day one of the most memorable experiences of their lives. Our venues and accommodation are chosen with a view to giving the bride and groom, and their families, the perfect opportunity to make memories they will cherish even years after the ceremonies.

With a range of amazing accommodation choices, Save The Date will make sure all of the people and the guests opting for the accommodation have everything catered to their needs.

One of the most popular choices for wedding couples these days is to go with a spacious venue, which comes with sizeable accommodation options in the same vicinity. In this way, you can combine the grandeur of big ballrooms with the ease of conveniently located accommodation for all the guests.

Whether you choose the indoor air conditioned rooms for the ceremonies for a rich and elegant experience, or prefer to do all of it in the outdoors with the natural surroundings, especially in winter season, you will be able to benefit from accommodation venues that are as beautiful as they are luxurious.

Going with accommodation options that best suit the needs of the guests, especially when they are almost next door also means giving them a degree of convenience which will guarantee their enjoyment, and an unforgettable experience. It is indeed the perfect way to show them how much you care.

Making Dreams Come True

Give Save The Date the opportunity to serve you much more intimately than an ordinary hotel venue.

We help you create a wedding experience, which is as tailored as your wedding vows and traditional ceremonies. Starting with excellent catering and food services, and stretching all the way to gorgeous venue surroundings, we guarantee that your wedding day will be a lavish affair.

A wide range of choices and the experience of our wedding coordinators means regardless of whether you prefer a close and warm ceremony, or want to go all out with the celebration and happiness, we have just the right place for your special day to become infinitely memorable.

Our extraordinary wedding packages and tailored experiences can add further elements you consider to be important to the celebration.

In this regard, Save The Date can offer:

  • Amazing rates for the accommodation of your guests, especially those who are attending the wedding having travelled from out of city or country.
  • Luxury suites and accommodation options for the bride and groom’s rooms
  • A wedding coordinator who will be able to assist you with everything wedding-related, from planning, to the final day
  • Excellent add-on facilities for the guests, including spas, pools, and golf.
  • Locations and facilities across the venue, where receptions and rituals can take place.