Wedding Flowers

Thanks to considerable experience giving dozens of couples the wedding they deserve and dream of, Save The Date understands the importance of color and vibrance in a wedding celebration.

There is no better way to make sure of lively and heart-warming decorations at a wedding than choosing colorful flowers and picture perfect bouquets.

Picking The Type

You might understand which kind of flowers you would want on your wedding day, but there are still many aspects you need to consider when you give your final order. Because of their important place in the venue decoration, getting it right should be a priority.

Start to plan and think about what kind of flowers you want just after you have fixed the date and picked out the venue for the events. You might also want to consider whether it is a traditional ceremony or a modern one, since this will affect the theme and type of flowers you get.


The time of the year the wedding is taking place makes a great difference in terms of not only which flowers to get, but also which ones you can. For example, the ones you want badly may not be in season at all, which means you will have to settle for second best in a panic.

In terms of the budget, it is smart to use seasonal flowers since they will be easily available. Apart from that, they will also contribute to the liveliness of the venue and décor.

Keep In Touch With Your Florist

As a full-service wedding organizer, Save The Date can make sure we get your flowers and bouquets just the way you would like. In this regard, we could be able to make sure we stay in touch with the florist on our side, and the planning family members and couples on yours, so that your choices don’t get lost somewhere in the middle.

By making sure you tell us about the type, color and size of the flowers you have preferences for, you will be able to make sure that not only do we organize something that best reflects your wishes, but also give you our best recommendations, through delivering a perfect and magical package.
Wedding Flower Arrangement

The amount you can afford to spend on a single day of decoration and bouquets is an important consideration in helping you decide among flower types and colors.

This is especially true when you have a fixed set of preferences in mind. In most cases, flowers out of season will have to be arranged specially, which means they will cost a lot more.

Wedding Style and Theme

The kind of wedding theme and its traditional or any other type of décor plays a big role in making the decision regarding which flowers you want. Big bouquets with a variety of shapes are a great choice for a grand venue, while simple and clean ones suit the small venues and homely feeling better.