Wedding Gifts and Favours

Weddings just aren’t the same without all of your relatives and friends from near and far coming to attend your special day. For these celebrations to be even more joyous, Save The Date offers couples and their families the chance to organize all kinds of favors for their guests.

Even though it is a small item, wedding favors for the guests reflect the time and effort the couple put into making sure the experience of the guests was memorable. In this sense, you might want to avoid the conventional choices, which are unlikely to be used or enjoyed.

By putting a little bit of thought and creativity into them, these gifts and favors can have more meaning, and therefore bring in more value to the wedding experience.

There are no strict or absolute rules when it comes to wedding favors. Let your creative sense and gut feeling guide you. That being said, there are some considerations that will make this process easier, and more enjoyable.


Even though wedding favors are not seen as essential as the wedding cake, they are an important part of making the guests feel welcome, and to give them something to take with them. If you are the type to want to leave your guests with a lasting impression of the wedding, you should think about organizing favors.

They don’t necessarily need to be expensive either, because the most important thing here is the thought!
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How to Choose

The best thing you can do to make your favor pop out at the wedding is to put some originality and thought into it. In this way, you can make sure you not only choose something that is personal and unique to you and your family, but also goes with the overall theme and décor at the wedding.

Customized favors are a great choice because they give you a chance to add a little bit of your personality into them. You can also try and think back to the favors you received at weddings. Chances are, the ones you still remember will prove to be a nice guide in terms of useful ideas for your own choices.

You can also go through the internet for unique ideas and trends, or hand the responsibilities to us, and see what we can do for you.

How Much To Spend

The choice of whether to have favors depends mostly on the budget for the wedding. If giving away favors eats into the budget for some of the more important items, such as flowers, venue space, cake and others, it may be a good idea to skip them altogether.

On the other hand, having taken a look at your overall expenses, if you have space left, you will not regret allocating it for impressive favors.

Kinds of Favors and Distribution

You also have choices regarding how you want to distribute the favors. You can either go with giving one favor per family or couple, or present one to each person at the wedding.