Wedding Invitations & Stationary Design

In this age of technology and innovation, very few people understand the value and thoughtfulness that goes with penmanship and good stationary.

Never has there been a place or a celebration that throws the stationary design and color choices more into the spotlight than a wedding and its invitations.

Save The Date knows the high importance and regard couples today place on stationary that looks unique and memorable, which is why we put a full range of delectable choices in front of our clients. We let them chose and personalize, in addition to helping them through the process using our experience.

What Does The Invitation Say

The invitation is the first proper look into what the wedding is going to be like. This is why putting a good amount of thought into it, and considering the designs carefully will be worth it.

When the guests get your invitations, the color, writing, design, and layers of cardboard and paper are going to give them an instant sneak peak into the kind of wedding it will be. First and foremost, it gives them hints about the theme, and opens the door into whether the affair will be formal, casual, elegant, or traditional.

Save The Date Cards

A popular choice for sending guests the invitations is going with Save The Date cards, which, as you would notice from our company name, also happens to be what we are in the business of doing.

These types of invitations or announcements are becoming a lot more popular since everybody is so busy these days. Apart from giving people an invitation, it also alerts them about putting an important event on their calendar.

This will be particularly important when many guests and friends have to travel to the wedding from abroad.

They are usually sent to all the guests you plan to invite months in advance, giving all of them plenty of time to plan their other schedule. They can be sent in informal ways, yet reflective of unique thought, such as sending them a fridge magnet.

wedding invitationsTrending Wedding Invitations

The first aspect to consider in choosing the type and design of the wedding invitations is the theme. Most couples want to make sure all of the pieces and items the guests see and receive follow a central scheme.

As wedding themes and concepts become more and more modern, the traditional aspect is giving way to new changes, which reflect clean and savvy design.

The most notable recent changes are about the use of patterns and new colors. Many couples want to let the white and solid colors go, to favor bright and noticeable patterns. Polka dots and stripes are two ways in which this can be done.

Another way to make the invitation stand out is the use of pressed flowers and leaves, which can be attached to the wedding card for a memorable design aspect.