Wedding Music & Entertainment

As more and more couples seek to make their weddings iconic and memorable for many years to come, celebration at these events is becoming less traditional and more out of the box.

Save The Date knows how much it means to the bride and groom to create a series of wedding events that the special guests enjoy and love to talk about.

As a company that has worked on creating lasting memories for couples, we work along with you and the members of your family to deliver the event of your dreams, a large part of which is the music at the event.

With us, you can almost guarantee that your affair will be one that takes ages to rub off from the memory, only boosted by the great choices of music for all the important parts of the event, from the entrance of the bride, to the traditional aspects of the ceremony.
Birthday Party Music
Your Taste and Wedding Music

Whether you decide you want romantic and traditional music at the wedding, or want to mix several genres up, we deliver everything you can think of. As wedding specialists, coming up with something truly spectacular while working with the couple is our forte.

At Save The Date, we give our clients music and entertainment offers that will perfectly suit any type of wedding, whether it is a small intimate one, or something really grand.

We make sure we communicate with you throughout the process and give you the consultation you’re looking for, so you know exactly what to expect at the event, and can keep us informed of whatever you have in mind personally.

Wedding EntertainmentSave The Date believes in creating the best impression from the smallest elements, and knows how much the brides and grooms that come to us value attention to detail. This is why, whether you go with a DJ, or require a team of entertainers and performers, they will be dressed professionally and thoroughly understand the importance of special moments.

These days, it is a must-have at weddings for guests to be able to provide requests to the team looking after the music. We can also make sure you have the microphones and the sound system to make speeches and announcements, or air the religious and traditional customs through the sound and video system.

Music For Memories And First Dance

Music has a special significance, especially at wedding and events that have an intimate and family flavor to them. They bring back memories from the past, whether they be about the first time you met the person you’re tying the knot with, or in fact about creating new ones.

Many couples might be shy about having a first dance in front of so many people at first, but they all eventually realize how special that moment can be, and how much it needs to be enjoyed and preserved.

This is why we take extra care in arranging the music, the DJ, and the related entertainment equipment, such as the spotlight such that the couple feels comfortable in their surroundings.