Wedding Photography & Videography

Photography at a wedding is perhaps one of the most important aspects that couples are willing to pay more than the asked price to make sure goes extremely well. After all, once the celebration and the wedding events are over, it is the one thing that will stay, timelessly one might add, if done right.

Even though choosing who you want to get to do the photography duties at your wedding is your choice, at Save The Date, we have just what it takes to give you the best of the best.

Having worked with dozens of clients, we know exactly what it takes to make the best out of the décor and the couple’s moments together. Throughout the way, we will work with the team of photographers, and with you, to make sure there are no communication gaps, and you are not left stranded during the candid and rare moments.

Photo Styles


The most popular choice for wedding photography today is digital, probably because it takes the least amount of time to process and deliver.

In terms of the science, digital cameras can also do wonders in unfavorable lighting conditions, which is why they make good choices for night and late afternoon weddings. With advanced DSLR cameras, the photographers also get the chance to instantly view the results in front of them, and take the same pose again if it needs to be done better.

Without the limiting scope of the film, there are lots of angles and exposure settings the photographer can easily adjust on the go.

Wedding Photography


The fact that film is harder to work with doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its fair share of advantages. The leading quality of film is that it has a very smooth and natural feeling to it. There is a larger range in terms of the fancy add ons, such as shadows and highlights.

On the other hand, it is more expensive, and takes a lot more work and time to process and perfect.

Major factors that contribute to the higher cost include buying the rolls of film, and putting in extra hours to process the film. All of this can come to a pretty big sum of money in the end, and takes the overall time for an average wedding’s pictures to finish about a few weeks.

Getting A Second Photographer

This is something that almost all couples will ask themselves about leading up to the wedding. Since any wedding, even the smallest ones are going to have dozens if not hundreds of guests, there are many moments and corners that need to be covered.

Add to this, the fact that the bride and groom are going to be getting ready in different locations, which means one body cannot possible cover both.

There is also the matter of location and presence. During many junctures at a wedding, it may be important to get photos from two different areas in the room, say for example the stage, and the entrance. One photographer would have to do way to much running around in this case.