Wedding Styling And Coordination

Weddings organizers and managers are big contributors in making matrimonial events unique and splashy. A big part of this job and the major responsibility lies with the coordinator.

Think of these people as those charged with making sure that leading up to the day of the wedding, and when the day finally arrives, you have the flexibility and the time to enjoy all of the lovely moments, get to be with your family, and have almost nothing to worry about, because you have others that will take over the responsibilities for you!

At Save The Date, we know that no couple would ever want to be in a situation where they spend all their time, effort and savings making their wedding as special as can be, and be too tired and stressed to fully enjoy it.

This is why, we give you a number of great package choices to benefit from someone with expertise and loads of experience planning and styling the day of your dreams.

Whether you chose a coordinator, or decide to give us the duty of arranging the entire show, we guarantee our clients gorgeous outcomes, and a styling theme that will blow your mind.

Full Day

For the largest and longest weddings, the full day package is the most suitable. The main advantage here is that no matter how many vendors are involved, and regardless of how advanced the demands of the bride and groom are, the organizational aspects are picture perfect.

Of course, the more elaborate the planning and execution, the more time you will have to take out to meet with us and our people, since communication is of the utmost importance during this stage.
Half Day

The half-day packages are the perfect balancing spot between full day and brief wedding coordination services. If you have a general idea of the way you see your wedding, but also want a competent helping hand for the special day, this package is guaranteed to be suitable for you.

With more time and flexibility available to us, we will be able to use the direct communication with you to give your reception and ceremonial tasks the care and planning they deserve.

By discussing what you have in mind for the wedding day in advance, we will be able to make sure we take away all the last minute nervousness out of your way.

Mini Coordination Packages

This routine is best for couples who feel they have everything under control, have planned most daunting tasks in advance, and just need a team of helpers on the day itself, to make sure it all goes smoothly.

On this front, most of the coordination and planning tasks have already been discussed and noted. Therefore all you will need is a team of professionals to give you a hand with the logistics, especially if you have chosen an outdoor venue for the event.

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